Tesla chose only cryptocurrency for payments

The American automaker Tesla fulfilled his head of his head of Ilona Mask, chose the only cryptocurrency dogecoin and began accepting it to pay. At the same time, the company emphasizes that all other digital assets do not consider as a means of means of means of payment, and if the buyer tries to pay for them, then the translation will not be returned to him and the sale will not take place. The corresponding message is published in the section “Support” on the website Tesla.

Goods purchased for dogecoin are not refundable and cash exchange. Also, the buyer will not return the difference if he mistakenly fulfilled the payment to the company’s address for a large amount.

Tesla called on customers to be careful when shopping in DOGECOIN and other cryptocurrencies, as hackers can affect transaction. For any loss or theft dogecoin, the company is not responsible. The automaker warned that he does not own this cryptocurrency and cannot promise to preserve the rules and value of the asset.

A month ago, Mask told that he intends to allow the sale of goods and accessories with corporate symbolism with the help of DOGECOIN. The promise execution led to a sharp rise in the course. According to the BINANCE cryptobiri, in the last days, DOGECOIN took off in relation to Bitcoin by 18 percent.

Cryptocurrency DOGECOIN was named after the Internet Mem Doge. Her joke in 2013 created Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus. Its cost took off at the beginning of 2021 after Mask jokingly mentioned it several times in his tweets.

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