Device Apple helped to declare German special services

German activist Lilith Wittmann (Lilith Wittmann) declassified the address of the state organization using the Airtag smart mark. This is reported by the Edition Appleinsider.

In his blog at Medium, Wittmann told how the traces of the Federal Communications Service of Germany (BundsService Telekommunikation), which she considers the secret government agency close to the special services. A woman managed to find out the company’s location using Airtag smart label intended for finding lost things.

Specialist said that he was looking for traces of the federal communication service on the Internet and communicated on this topic with officials, but either did not find almost no useful information, or the speakers refused to discuss this topic with her. Lilith Wittmann sent a parcel with a label of Airtag at the address of the organization that she learned on the network.

Some time, the activist with the help of the “Locator” application found out that the parcel fell into the Cologne-Erenfelde sorting center, and then it was taken to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Cologne. Thus, Wittman found out that the office of the Federal Communications Service is in the West.

In his blog, the author reported that he would continue to investigate the activities of the secret organization. So, a woman cannot understand why her state body of interest is classified and officially has no budget.

previously it became known that in the US, the Airtag beacon from Apple began to use to track parcels. The new application of the accessory to find lost things found the spouse of the military personnel Valerie McNeltti, which used the label when moving.

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