Published Graphic Standard Vulkan 1.3

After two years of operation, the Khronos consortium, which is engaged in the development of graphic standards, published Specification vulkan 1.3 defining API to access graphics and computing capabilities of GPU. The new specification has absorbed the accumulated fixes and extensions . It is noted that the requirements of the VULKAN 1.3 Specification are designed for OpenGL ES 3.1 graphics equipment, which will ensure support for the new graphics API in all GPUs that support Vulkan 1.2. The Vulkan SDK toolkit is planned to be published in mid-February. In addition to the main specification, it is planned to offer additional extensions for mobile and desktop devices of the middle and senior link, the support of which will be carried out in the framework of the “Vulkan Milestone”.

At the same time is presented The implementation plan for the support of the new specification and additional extensions in graphics and drivers devices. Products with support Vulkan 1.3 are preparing to release Intel, AMD, ARM and NVIDIA. For example, AMD has declared a Vulkan 1.3 support in the AMD RADEON RX VEGA graphics cards, as well as in all maps based on AMD RDNA architecture. NVIDIA is preparing to publish drivers with VULKAN 1.3 support for Linux and Windows. ARM will add support for Vulkan 1.3 in GPU Mali.

Basic innovations :

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