First Person: Vladimir Solovyov on development of Russian manned cosmonautics

On Tuesday, January 25, 2022, on XLVI academic cosmonautics readings (“Korolev readings – 2022), the General Designer on the piloted space systems and complexes Vladimir Solovyov told about the development plans of the Russian manned space program.

About new challenges for the Russian orbital service station (Ross)

“It is necessary to ensure the maximum possibilities for the observation of the entire territory of the Russian Federation, including the high-grade areas of the Earth, and begin research involving a person in the areas of land with the smallest defense of cosmic radiation, which is necessary for a more complete understanding of the problems with which future piloted may meet Interplanetary expeditions. “

About the stages of deploying Ross

“At the first stage, a” butterfly “is formed – a scientific and energy module, which is already created in the metal, basic, gateway and nodal modules, with the help of which from 2026-2028 you can start flights and learn the amateur orbits. At the second stage, the target production and target modules and arsenal of various external platforms appear as part of Ross. The station in this full-fledged composition would be used to serve with the crews operating a watched method. “

on the creation of spacecraft maintenance complex:

“Ross is invited to create a complex where the base platform is a manned station-uterus, which allows to operate with tugs a large number of spacecraft – high-speed communication, universal platforms, inspectors, remote sensing of the Earth.”

On the value of Ross for observing the Arctic region and the Northern Seaway

“Navigation tracking and understanding of the development of ice furnishings, major oil-bearing areas and pollution will give a colossal economic effect. This requires enough modern equipment, but this is the future that is very important for our country.”

About transport Ross

“At the first stage, the launches of the” Union “and” progress “ships from the Baikonur cosmodrome are planned and, possibly, the East. In the future, promising transport ships appear on the replacement of” unions “and” progress “. In particular, on the basis of the lunar ship Eagle “- more easy, more modern and necessarily reusable transport ship that could be excreted by the” Soyuz-5 “carrier rocket.

About the Plans for Ship Delivery on the ISS in two hours

. Docking with the station will be two hours after launch. “

About the program of reservation of a new manned ship

“At the end of 2023, a certain prototype will fly on the Angara-A5 rocket, provided that the ground infrastructure is readily readily on the East spaceport. In 2024, “ANGARA-A5M” – the unmanned flight of the ship to the ISS, in 2025 on the “ANGARA-A5M” – piloted flight to the ISS. “

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