Asia: first country decriminalized marijuana

Thailand became the first country of Asia, actually decriminalized marijuana. This is reported by Sky News.

In a few months, the inhabitants of Thailand will be able to grow Kanabis at home, but it is forbidden to use for commercial purposes. It became possible after the Ministry of Health removed marijuana from the list of prohibited substances. However, the new law must be published in the Royal Gazeta.

After that, it will take another 120 days before people can legally grow Kanabis on their own territory. At the same time, the new marijuana law does not regulate the recreational use of a narcotic substance, which will continue to be in the “gray zone” of the right.

On December 14, the Malta Parliament approved the application of cannabis for recreational purposes. This actual means the legalization of the use of marijuana. In addition, Parliament allowed cannabis consumers on legitimate grounds to grow to four plants for personal purposes.

/Media reports.