Suspicions of Nazis saluts during a demonstration: report of Darmanin classified without continuation

Justice has filed the procedure, Friday, January 21, “lack of infringement”. The photo fries extreme right activists arms outstretched, suggesting Nazis greetings. But on a video, we can see that it is a “clapping”.

Le Monde with AFP

The parquet of Paris has been classified without a continuation, “lack of infringement”, the report that the Minister of the Interior had made, Gérald Darmanin, after the dissemination on the social networks of a photo of a group From extreme right activists suggesting Nazis saluts in the streets of Paris, announced, Tuesday, January 25, the prosecution, solicited by the France-Press agency (AFP). Justice ranked the procedural on Friday, the same source was specified.

At the request of Mr. Darmanin, the police prefecture had reported to justice a photo taken on the sidelines of the immunization gathering organized on Saturday, January 15 by the far-right movement the patriots, led by Florian Philippot.

“This photo taken on the sidelines of the anti-pass event of the movement says” the patriots “shocks a lot, rightly. At my request, the police prefecture made a report to justice so that all the necessary suites be brought “, Tweeted, the day after the gathering, the minister from the interior .


The photo freezes most members of the procession with arms outstretched, raised to the sky, which may suggest the Nazis salute posture. But on a video, relayed in particular by Mr. Philippot, we can see that it is a “clapping”, a ritual of supporters to applaud a team during play or at the end of a match.

In the photo, especially broadcast on the “West Casual” loop of the Identity movement but also on Twitter, dozens of people, dressed in black and framing for some, scroll behind a banner “the freedoms do not Do not grant, they take themselves “, a quote from the anti-Semite writer Charles Maurras.

“White Block of 200 nationalists to the manifer against the sanitary pass”, is thus led the photograph on “West Casual”.

Saturday, two reporters of AFP Image Reporters (JRI) and their two close protection guards have been violently taken part by a group of fifty people, identified as being extreme right, then that they covered the vaccinal anti-pass gathering.

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