Jean Castex announces a new gesture for purchasing power of households, ecorned by inflation

The Prime Minister announced revaluating the scale that allows motorists to deduct their professional transportation costs from their taxes.

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This time, no solemn ad in the television log of “20 hours”. No question of giving the impression of taking out the checkbook so close to the elections. It is in response to the question of a member of Parliament that the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, announced, Tuesday, January 25, a new gesture of support for the purchasing power of the French, undermined by rising fuel prices. and foodstuffs since the summer of 2021. The fourth, in less than six months.

Two days of a “wage and employment mobilization day”, organized, Thursday, January 27, by the unions, the executive chose a more targeted and less massive measure than the previous ones, but having The advantage of being fast and not to go through the law. Bercy will re-evaluate 10% the scale used by households who use their vehicle to work, and who deduce some of their taxes of their taxes. This “milestone” enhanced targets “those of our fellow citizens who roll a lot, that is to say, those for whom the vehicle is finally a means of work or job search,” said the Prime Minister, citing The example of “nurses” or “home helpers” in rural areas. About 2.5 million homes, which can reduce by 150 euros on average their tax for the year 2021.

It will also serve as a reference to revaluate “the kilometric allowances directly paid by the employers to their employees who use their personal vehicle,” added Jean Castex, who boasted a “fast and direct” effect. The cost for public finances is estimated at 400 million euros, indicate in Bercy, an encryption still “quite imprecise” because there is “not all the data”.

“A collective effort of more than 15 billion euros”

Targeted, on the other hand, only benefits to motorists who pay taxes. “Those who do not pay have already touched the energy check and the inflation allowance”, considers the executive, with reference to the purchasing power support measures decided in the fall of 2021. This new gesture is addressed to in priority to “households whose income is between the fourth and seventh deciles [between 1,737 euros and 2,164 euros monthly, According to INSEE ], some of which have not received inflation indemnity, “says Bercy.

A political choice that failed to react the left. “You do not speak to non-taxable French, all those who earn less than 1,295 euros net per month!”, Lamented the member PS of Tarn-et-Garonne Valérie Rabault, encrypting the population excluded from the measure to 14.5 million people. “The energy check for the most modest families, the tariff shield on gas and electricity, the inflation allowance and the revaluation of the kilometric allowance represent a collective effort of more than 15 billion euros,” recalled Jean Castex.

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