FAS made against introduction of minimum price of beer

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia opposed the introduction of the minimum retail price of beer. Reports about it “Interfax”.

Deputy Head of the Office of the Service Andrei Kashevarov at a meeting in the Federation Council noted that after the minimum retail price of brewing products prices will begin to grow. According to him, this contradicts the efforts of the state to contain them in various segments.

Kashevarov also added that the beneficiaries of introducing the minimum retail price of beer will be small and medium-sized manufacturers, as it can lead to switching demand for strong alcohol.

According to him, the number of participants in the brewing market has been growing in recent years, therefore, barriers to market entry are minimal. He stressed that “working in this market, in these conditions possible.”

In February 2021, the Union of Russian Brewers (PSA) wanted to establish the minimum retail price of beer. In the directional chapter of the Ministry of Finance, the letter states that an unhealthy situation has been established on the domestic beer market. Large manufacturers are actively dumping – reduce prices in the fight for market share and sales growth. At the same time, small and medium-sized companies, such policies often turn out to be unavailable, because it may lead to unprofitability.

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