Disclosed details of possible sanctions of United States in case of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The United States considers the options for sanctions and export restrictions against Russia, which will be able to negatively affect its position in international markets and, in particular, to hit the ruble. About it reports The Wall Street Journal with reference to the unnamed representatives of the American manual.

“The representatives of the administration did not provide details on which sanctions they intend to introduce, but stated that these decisions would strengthen the sale of financial instruments in Russian markets, will increase the cost of borrowing and hurt the Russian currency rate,” write the authors of the article.

According to the interlocutor WSJ, export control options, which the United States is viewed along with allies and partners, will hit the “strategic ambitions of Russia about the rapid development of industry.” In addition, potential limitations will affect areas that, in the opinion of the American leadership, Moscow considers important – in particular, artificial intelligence, quantum computers, defense and aerospace industry and other spheres.

Earlier, a member of the Bundestag Committee on International Affairs from the Alteration Party for Germany, Evgeny Schmidt criticized NATO unprecedented sanctions against Russia. In his opinion, the threat of an alliance about the introduction of regular sanctions against Russia does not contribute to the deoxy of stress in Europe.

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