Created a bank card with a fingerprint scanner

Samsung introduced a chip with a fingerprint scanner for additional bank card protection. This is reported on the Business Wire project website.

The S3B512C device is a map with a dactylconus sensor and chip in it, which processes incoming information. When you pay, the user needs to touch the card sensor so that he considers the fingerprint. According to SAMSUNG engineers, such a technology additionally protects payments and simplifies the process – the consumer does not need to enter a PIN when paying.

“S3B512C combines the fingerprint sensor, Secure Element (SE) and Secure Processor, adding an additional level of authentication and security in payment cards,” said Samsung Kenny Han (Kenny Han). The device created by Korean engineers can also be used with access maps and to protect other private data.

The encrypted data on the fingerprint fingerboard is stored in the memory of a separate chip. Technology received EMVCO and CC Eal 6 + Certificates.

At the end of November, Samsung has released three processors for installation in cars. One of the chips allows you to use high-definition video calls while driving cars.

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