Marine Le Pen deplores that Marion Marshal says “reflect” in Rallier Eric Zemmour

The candidate of the national gathering in the presidential election had last week two defections for the benefit of his rival on the far right.

Le Monde

“It’s brutal, it’s violent.” Asked about CNews , Friday, January 28, Marine Le Pen said how much she did not appreciate her niece, Marion Marshal, said “reflect” to support Eric Zemmour to the presidential election, As reported by the Parisian , Thursday. “It’s a political misunderstanding because it indicated that it would support the best placed. (…) I am best placed in the second round [compared to Eric Zemmour],” continued the national gathering candidate (RN) .

According to the last wave of the opinion of the opinion Ipsos-Sopra Steria for Le Monde, the Jean Jaurès Foundation and the Cevipof, directed by the Internet from 14 to 17 January, Marine Le Pen would be chosen by 15.5% voters in the first round, tied with the right candidate, Valérie Pécresse (error margin of more or less 0.8 point), against 13% for Eric Zemmour (margin of error of more or less 0.7 point).

“If I support Eric, it’s not right to spend a head and say hello”, Ms. Sup> said Marshal in Paris, judging that the reconquest candidate had done “a lot of Progress in posture, tone, gravity “Since its entry into the countryside, November 30, 2021.” I do not know who is best placed. The campaign is still long. Eric Zemmour has a bigger margin of progression in popular classes and the abstentionists that Marine Le Pen at the upper classes “, she analyzed.

Marion Marshal and Eric Zemmour had participated in the late September 2021 at the “Summit of Demography” of the Hungarian Far Right Officer Viktor Orban in Budapest. On this occasion, she said, already, that the “scenario of the second round” of 2022 was not played.

“The bib and checkbook”

Marion Marshal takes his distance with his aunt a week just after the rallyments to Mr. Zemmour de Jérôme Rivière and Damien Rieu, from the Rn. “There is always in a campaign of people who change from camp (…) who have personal ambitions,” commented Marine Le Pen on CNEWS. “But the presidential election is the relationship with the French”, which they have nothing to do, according to her, “Vicissitudes of the country”.

Faced with his rival on the far right, she defended that “the French are waiting for solutions, not brutality and violence.” The NN candidate “has the feeling” that Eric Zemmour and his teams “have the will to lose”. Returning on his changes in positions, particularly on the European Union, Marine Le Pen also pleaded: “I am a pragmatic, me, not an ideologist.”

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