Payable load of ship “Progress MS-19”

At the technical complex of the site 254 of the Baikonur cosmodrome, the main stage of loading the transport cargo ship (TGC) “Progress MS-19” with equipment and materials intended for delivery to the International Space Station (ISS) under the program of the 80th supply mission is completed.

During the week at the workplace TGC “Progress MS-19” Specialists of the RSC “Energia” performed the loading work with a total volume of 1,500 kg, and then started preparing the ship to the fueling operations. The composition of the delivered goods TGC “Progress MS-19” includes side resource equipment of the Russian segment of the ISS, cable styling for retrofitting of the multi-purpose laboratory module “Science”, consumables of life support systems, health care and sanitary equipment, clothing objects and standard diet For crew members of the 66th major expedition. Also, a set of target loads for conducting scientific and applied research and experiments will be departed:

  • laying “Neurolab” for a series of Pilot-T Medical experiments to study the influence of long-term space flight factors on the quality of professional activity of astronauts;
  • Air laying and “Surface” for the experiment “Aseptic “For the development of sterility tools when performing bioecperimizations under space flight conditions;
  • Laying” Bioprobes “for conducting an experiment” biodegradation “to study the influence of microflora on structural materials in the conditions of space and the development of biological safety methods of spacecraft;
  • Laying “Bomodule” for the experiment “Photobioreactor” for the study of the possibility of obtaining food and oxygen from photosynthetic microalgae spirulina under weightless conditions;
  • MSC-2 laying for a biotechnological experiment Study of the influence of the factors of outer space on the cultivation of stem cultures OK;
  • styling “cups” and “tubes” for carrying out the experiment “Biomag-M” to study the influence of space space factors on the properties of bioorganisms when shielding the magnetic field of the Earth;
  • Styling “BOP “, PM and PS for the Experiment” Cascade “on the development of effective methods of biotechnological production of cell cultures under microgravity;
  • styling” Probeitit “to develop technology for the production of pharmacological products with immunomodulating properties in microgravity .

In addition, in the cargo compartment of TGC “Progress MS-19” there are six small spacecraft of the KUBSAT class “UZGU-55” No. 5-10, developed by the South-Western State University and intended for launching from the ISS in the process extracurricular activities under the program of the scientific and educational experiment “Radioskaf”.

Start of the Soyuz-2.1A carrier missile with TGK “Progress MS-19” is scheduled for February 2022 from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

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