Open from Australia: Daniil Medvedev or eulogy of patience

The Russian, the world’s number 2, who will challenge Rafael Nadal in the final, has the opportunity to win his second title of the Grand Slam immediately, who would give him access to the World Throne in February.


At the US Open 2019, the Americans had discovered a giggled Russian (1.98 meters), which handled the finger of honor. Designated Illico Public Enemy Number One, Daniil Medvedev had completed the Asphyxiated Tournament in the final by Rafael Nadal, but with a little victory: finally managed to put the New York crowd in the pocket. In Melbourne, the Australian public is not yet conquered by the world’s number 2 style, as Cabochard as its tennis.

Friday, January 28, at the time of arguing his semifinal against Stefanos Tsitsipas, the whistles upon his entry on the court were there to testify. Which did not prevent it from winning against its Greek rival (7-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-1) to join Rafael Nadal Sunday in the final.

On the contrary. Medvedev claims him, he takes a pleasure to play a hostile crowd. Regularly, this polyglot causes the spectators, the air to say: you want me to lose? Encourage me. You want me to win? Detest me! Those of the Australian Open have been able to check it these days. “It’s disappointing to see people whistling between the first and second balls, some must have a low intellectual quotient,” he dared at the exit of the short after his e Tour facing the local trublion, Nick Kyrgios.

A Frounder character, almost vicious

On the court or microphone, Daniil Medvedev speaks as he plays: without filter. His opponents are not left out: they too do the expense of his deriving character, almost vicious. The Russian has obviously little tasted the discount to the day of the service-stolen by Maxime Cressy (70 e ) during its e tower. “This is boring!” (“What am I bothering”), he grumbled, strong enough for the sentence to the ears of the Franco-American.

He was then excused: “It’s true that I became a little crazy during the meeting. I was trying to say that he could hear for him to wonder,” but that Can he say, Medvedev? “And starts to miss two or three shots …”

In the semifinal, it was the turn of the chair referee to take it for his rank. Excluded by the behavior of Stefanos Tsitsipas’s father, whom he accused coaching (prohibited by the settlement), he crossed the red line with Jaume Campistol, to whom he reproached not to punish him: “Dude, you’re stupid? His father can talk to each point! You will answer my question? My God, you are so bad. Look at me, I speak to you! “Magnanime, despite this abusive behavior, the referee did not give to Medvedev. a warning.

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