First person: Igor Watermelov about work of NGO Energomash in 2021

General Director of the Scientific and Production Association “Energomash” named after Academician V.P. Glushko (in the state corporation “Roskosmos”) Igor Watermelov in an interview with Roscosmos program “Big Cosmos” spoke about the results of the work of the enterprise in 2021.

“The whole team of NGO Enermash worked simply and we managed to achieve serious success. We fulfilled the obligations to our customers and continued to develop projects on digital development, reconstruction of the test base and improving the technical weapons of our workshops and technologies,” he said.

According to him, the company almost completely passed on digital design and production. Last year, engineering and production engines of the integrated structure of NGO Energomash were used in 25 launches of Russian carrier missiles – Soyuz-2, Proton-M and Angara-A5, four launches of the American rocket atlas-5 and two launch of Antares rocket .

In 2021, the formation of an integrated rocket engine construction structure was completed. The last enterprise is the design bureau of Chemical Engineering named Isaev – was included in the contour of the integrated structure, “said Igor Watermelov.

He also said that last year NGO Energomash successfully conducted the first tests of the RD-171MV engine, intended for the Soyuz-5 missile, and delivered the first such engine for stand tests in the first stage.

Among the nearest tasks of the enterprise, Igor Watermelov highlighted the supply of the engine RD-171MV for flight tests and the completion of the creation of design documentation for the RD-191M engine for the Angara-A5M missile.

Scientific and production association Energomash named after Akademika V.P. Glushko is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian rocket-space industry, which is engaged in the development and manufacture of liquid rocket engines. Among them – the RD-191 engine for the Angara family launch vehicles, RD-171MV – for the Soyuz-5 missile, RD-180 and RD-181 – for American Atlas-5 and Antares missiles.

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