CAN 2022: deadly jostling due to “imprudent” opening of a door of stadium against a “human tide”

Eight people died in a crowd movement, Monday, at the entrance to the Grand Stade d’Olembé of the Cameroonian capital.

Le Monde with AFP

The scramble that made eight dead Monday in Yaoundé, in Cameroon, before a game from the African Cup of Nations (CAN) is due to the opening “imprudent” of a door by the security forces ” Faced with a human tide, “said Friday, January 28, the Minister of Cameroon Sports, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi.

The southern entrance “was momentarily closed by the police in the face of the overlooking of spectators while other doors were operational” at the Grand Stade d’Olembé of the Cameroonian capital, assured the minister before the hurry. But, “Faced with the pressure, and overflowed by this human tide, the safety elements imprudently proceeded to the opening of the south entrance gate, causing a great jostling”, which resulted in the death of Eight people, a child, he continued.

Thirty-eight people injured

The minister has also recognized that the number of members of the security forces was “insufficient”. But he also blamed the bearers of false tickets and tickets and the fans who wanted to enter without ticket to attend the match opposing Cameroon to the Comoros to justify this influx in front of the south door.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, which also made thirty-eight wounded, the president of the CAN, Patrice Marsepe, had announced the displacement of the quarter-final scheduled on Sunday of Olmbé Stadium at the second stage of the capital, Ahmadou Ahidjo. He had also announced that the African Football Confederation (CAF) would not play other meetings if the Cameroonian authorities did not show him before Friday a survey report.

m. Words had already stated on Tuesday that the deadly scramble was linked to closing one of the stadium access grids. He had also tried “inexplicable” this decision. “If this door had been opened as it should have been, we would not have had the problem we now have these losses. Who closed this door? Who is responsible for this door?” -He hammered in front of the press.

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