COVID-19: French of non-vaccinated foreigner can return without imperative motive

This obligation, which had been imposed on them in July by decree, was canceled, Friday, January 28, by the Council of State.

Le Monde with AFP

The French living abroad and unvaccinated will no longer be obliged to present an imperious reason to return to France if they come from red or Orange country, has decided, Friday, January 28, the Council of State. This obligation had been imposed on them in July in an article of a decree annulled by the highest administrative court.

The article in question (23-1 of the decree of 1 ER June 2021 amended on 30 July) “is annulled in that it imposes on French nationals who are not vaccinated” Justifying an imperious reason, an urgent pattern of health or a professional motif can not be deferred.

PCR or antigenic test of less than 48 hours

The Council of State thus justifies its decision:

“This requirement is susceptible (…) to sustainably obstruct the fundamental right to join the national territory of which all French has, without the health benefit of such a measurement either manifestly likely to justify the reached which is thus brought to this right. “

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also states that all travelers, outside the European Union (EU), whether they are vaccinated or not, must present the result of a negative PCR or antigenic test, achieved less than forty. -Hight hours before departure.

Any traveler of more than 11 years must also “accept a test or a biological test of screening (…) can be realized upon arrival on the national territory” and “commit to respecting a voluntary isolation of seven days after arriving in France “by performing a new test at the end of this period.

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