Turkey: To meet rising prices, Erdogan Limoge Chief of Statistics Agency

knows Erdal Dincer had published early January an annual inflation rate at more than 36%, at the highest for nearly twenty years. A number, however, underestimated, according to the opposition.

Le Monde with AFP

To hide the fever thrusts, it may be tempting to break the thermometer. After the publication of annual inflation figures, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has limited the head of the National Statistics Agency, according to a decree published Saturday.

The Chief of the National Statistics Office, knows Erdal Dincer, was criticized after publishing the data at the beginning of January 36.1%, his highest level in nineteen years .

President Erdogan did not explain his decision to appoint Erhan Cetinkaya, former Vice-President of the Turkish banking regulator, to the post again Chief State Statistics.

Inflation flew over more than 36% over one year in December in Turkey, a record since September 2002, due to the Turkish pound tumble. The opposition also considers that this figure is underestimated. According to her, the real increase in the cost of living is at least twice as high. She accuses the president for contributing to the flight of prices by forcing the Turkish central bank to systematically lower interest rates in recent months.

The Turkish book in free fall

But President Erdogan, in an uncomfortable position at eighteen months of the presidential election, continues to defend his choices.

The increase in consumer prices, more than seven times higher than the initial goal of the government, at 13.58% on the month of December, is explained by the fall of nearly 45% of the book Turkish in the face of the dollar in one year, despite emergency measures announced by the head of state mid-December.

Conscious of damage caused not only to the economy but also at its confidence rating, Mr. Erdogan had promised early January to “bring inflation back to a figure as quickly as possible”.

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