Honduras: two competing parliaments ask Supreme Court to decide

One of the two supports the new President, Xiomara Castro, but the other has not yet agreed to withdraw. Justice has a week to return its stop.

Le Monde with AFP

Xiomara Castro may have been invested President Thursday, January 27, the political crisis is not completed in Honduras. The serious dispute caused by the constitution of two rival parliaments, one of which recognized by the new president, moved Friday on the judicial field. The two assemblies asked the Supreme Court to decide.

Luis Redondo, supported by Mrs. Castro (left), and Jorge Calix, a leader of a dissenting group of the new state chief, had been elected by two competing assemblies, a few days before the Investiture of Xiomara Castro.

m. Redondo belongs to the Savior Party of Honduras (PSH) whose alliance with the free party of Mrs. Castro has been decisive for the electoral victory of it.

m. Calix, from the free party, he rejected the pre-election agreement which provided for the election of Mr. Redondo at the head of the Legislative Assembly. He was elected to the presidency of “his” parliament by about twenty distensions of free and about fifty Members of the right.


Luis Redondo legifers since Parliament’s headquarters with the support of about forty deputies and an equal number of alternates.

Jorge Calix, for his part, holds virtual sessions on the Internet, but benefits from more than 70 titular deputies, out of the 128 assets the Assembly.

Thursday, lawyers have filed recourse to the Supreme Court to ask the high magistrates to recognize the legitimacy of one or the other of the assemblies.

On the eve of his investiture, Xiomara Castro had met Jorge Calix and offered him a high position in his government to try to end the controversy. But the dissident did not answer any answer.

“Me, I believe in the dialogue to find a political outcome for this conflict. However, I respect the right of our opponents to use the Supreme Court (…). I continue to repeat that the dialogue is the best way . Dialoguons, “said Friday Jorge Calix on Twitter.

The Supreme Court has a maximum of one week to make its judgment, according to José Rodriguez, the dissenting lawyer.

Four of the Court’s magistrates have been appointed by the previous parliament, where the National Party (PN, Right) of the outgoing President Juan Orlando Hernandez was the majority. It was the same magistrates that concluded in 2017 that Mr. Hernandez could appear for second term, while the Constitution does not allow it.

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