Aurélian hat sentenced to nine years in prison because of “the multiplicity of preparatory acts” to

The 38-year-old activist, who had accumulated the weapons and multiplied the death threats, contested, in vain, intended to take action.


The Criminal Court of Paris condemned, Friday, January 28, Aurélien Hat at nine years in prison with a two-thirds security sentence. The e room, specialized in terrorism cases, found it guilty of “individual preparation to the commission of an act of terrorism”. Joseph B., a retiree noted in the same case for selling to Mr. Hat of unauthorized weapons but absout of any terrorist qualifier, was sentenced to twenty months of prison of whom fifteen suspended, thus covering his detention provisional . He was absent from the trial for medical reasons, while Aurélien Hat appeared held. The sentence of Mr. Hat, 38, has five-year socio-judicial follow-up, with care order.

The public prosecutor had requested the maximum penalty of ten years of conference for Aurélien Hat, the second ultra-use activist to be judged in France for “individual terrorist enterprise”. The first, Guillaume Malaval, arrested in June 2017, had been sentenced to seven years of detention in December 2019 more for his projects of explosive attacks only for his proclaimed intention to kill Emmanuel Macron. He had hardly attracted attention at the time.

For Aurélien Hat, it’s something else. Ultradroite mass killings for minorities, Jewish, Muslim or other, have multiplied: in 2018, a Pittsburgh synagogue (11 dead); In 2019, two mosques in Christchurch (51 dead), an Islamic center in Oslo (a wounded), a supermarket frequented by Latinos in El Paso (23 dead), a synagogue and a Turkish restaurant in Halle (1 dead); In 2020, two bars in Chicha in Hanau (9 dead). The ultradroite has become the main terrorist threat in the United States. In France, it is expanding, reinforced by the rise of a violent comploise related to the pandemic of Covid-19. A dozen surveys were opened by the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office (UNAT) and fifty-three people were indicted, “15% of the [for terrorism] pursuits,” said the Prosecutor Friday at the beginning of his Requestitory.

To say that the trial of Mr. Hat, from Limoges and former military, was heard with a certain interest. After the lawsuit, in the fall of 2021, of the grouping organization of the social armies (OAS) for “Association of terrorist criminal”, of which Chief Logan Nisin had been sentenced to nine years of inclusion but without a sentence of security, here is the moment of Judge a “solitary wolf”, a potential profile killer with French mass. This is the defense of the defense of the accused, a trial for example and for edification, a trial to set a scale of sentences.

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