Strasbourg: Jean Castex inaugurates Insp and buries ENA

The Prime Minister unveiled, on Friday, January 28, the plate of the National Institute of Public Service and Velted the Reform of the High Public Service.


It is used to the places that Jean Castex came to Strasbourg, Friday, January 28, inaugurate the National Institute of Public Service (INSP). Because, from 2001 to 2005, the Prime Minister taught public finances at the National School of Administration (ENA), the establishment which so far formed the senior officials.

But Mr. Castex, enarreque himself, was not nostalgic. Far from it. In his speech, he reminded unceasingly which justifies the reform of the High Public Service that the President of the Republic initiated in 2019, and whose creation of the INSP is a symbolic stage. Thus, he said, the supervision of the State derived from ENA “remains insufficiently representative of the French nation”: “20% of the most favored social classes provide 70% of” public officials “.

He also distributed direct access to large bodies (council of state, General Finance Inspectorate, Court of Auditors) at the exit of ENA, which the reform has deleted. Students coming out of the insp will begin in the field. “On 90 exit posts, 37 were in inspection and control bodies,” said the Prime Minister, wondering if he is “judicious only 25 years old, we have to judge others before being -Hand held the sleeve “.

” It ruscales a little “

The head of government has denounced the fact that 88% of non-executive agents of the state are in the territories, when 90% of the executives work in Paris. He spoke of “a maquis of situations that prevents fluidity”, deplored “the absurdity” of the indemnity, distributed “an unequal system” and “guarded hunts”, noting that with the reform, “it rouscales a little “.

Jean CASTEX spoke of his personal case. Out of ENA to the Court of Auditors, he gave up the prestige of this assignment to work in social affairs. “It has been said” poor guy, it’s lost for the cause “…”, he told, then, by rallying the laughs: “Fortunately, I have been redone the icing since.” He also explained that He had not been able to become a general secretary for regional affairs in a prefecture because he had “not the required seniority” and did not come from the Ministry of the Interior. “It confines the absurd”, let go of the Prime Minister by announcing “a vast deceptional site”.

In the way, he said that the harmonization of wages by the top that will benefit the senior officials who will integrate the new body of the state directors will begin in February. For national education frameworks, this will represent an annual revaluation of 5,513 euros, and for social affairs, 3,240 euros.

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