Blind allowed to “see” in infrared range

German specialists have created a device that allows you to blindly navigate with the help of an infrared range. It is reported by Futurism edition.

Headset for the Blinds created scientists Manuel Zan (Manuel Zahn) and Armagan Ahmad Khan (Armaghan Ahmad Khan) from Technical University of Munich. The device analyzes the surrounding space with the help of sensors and can guide people with weak vision. According to experts, the device allows patients to “see” the room in front of them in the infrared range.

The device resembling on the shape, the device was printed on a 3D printer. The machine is built into the camera to capture a stereoscopic image, the picture is transmitted to a small computer. On the hand of the patient there is a special cuff with 25 drives, which tactically indicate the correct direction of movement. Thanks to the vibration, the user may feel the distance to the items and avoid collisions with them.

During internal testing, points showed their effectiveness. All five participants in the study that the device prototype was put on their heads could successfully cross the bar of obstacles. After three runs, the subjects showed improved orientation results in space.

Scientists noted that the device cameras work in an infrared spectrum, so blind people can move even in complete darkness. “The most common tool for the visually impaired is a cane. But it is not able to specify the distance to the subjects that are far away,” the study says.

Earlier in the UK, there was a first operation of an 88-year-old woman in the country in the country. Chip returned his eyesure patient and allowed her to successfully navigate in space.

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