Narcologist listed ways to restore liver after holidays

Head of the narcological “clinic of Dr. Isaeva”, Narcologist Ruslan Isaev listed ways to restore the liver after the New Year’s feasures. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, he recommended the Russians to abandon alcohol and keep the diet.

According to Isaev, alcohol is a toxic substance, and after it the body needs a resolution. “If a person seriously beloved with alcoholic beverages, noting the new year’s offensive, and now he feels the difficult consequences of his negligence, it is better to seek medical help,” he said.

“It is necessary to steal drinks that contain vitamin C. It also needs to eat cottage cheese, because it contains methionine. This amino acid has a beneficial effect on the liver,” the specialist explained. He told about country boarding houses for detox, where you can go after the holidays. This will help come back and improve the metabolic processes of the body due to walks in the fresh air.

Previously, the nutritionist’s nutritionist Yulia Buryakov recommended the Russians to arrange a unloading day after long holidays. She reminded that in nutrition, there are so-called Monodni, in which people are allowed to eat only two products, such as kefir and cottage cheese. Also, according to Buryakova, combined diets, which include vegetables, fruits, egg protein and white meat.

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