France’s authorities will replace sanitary passes for citizens to vaccine

Against the background of the growth of the number of sick coronavirus, the French authorities decided to replace the sanitary pass for citizens to vaccine. About it reports La Tribune.

According to the publication, the Senate of the Fifth Republic, by a majority of votes, approved the adoption of the relevant draft law. It is noted that 249 senators voted for the bill, against – 63. Prior to this, the document has already been accepted in the first reading in the National Assembly.

According to the law, the vaccine pass will be required to visit most public places, as well as in long-distance trains. In this case, the certificate in the country can only be obtained after vaccinating from COVID-19, the negative test or the fact of the suffering disease will not be the basis for this.

On January 10, it was reported that protesting against the introduction of vaccine passes in the France’s Zamar community Saint-Pierre and Miquelon threw the pebbles and algae of the local deputy of Stephen Clero. Parliamentarian from the party of President France Emmanuel Macgron “Forward, Republic!” (La République EN MARCHE!) Went to those who gathered on a rally to calm them.

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