Russia banned import of meat and cattle from Kazakhstan

Rosselkhoznadzor from January 12 introduced a ban on the import of animals and animal husbandry products from Kazakhstan in connection with the outbreak of FMD. This is reported with reference to the press service of the department reports TASS. Possible dates of the limitations are not specified.

Measures will affect animals susceptible to navel, including companion animals, wild, circus and zoo animals. The list of goods prohibited for importation includes raw meat, meat products, milk and dairy products, wool, hair, intestinal raw materials, skins and leather, feed and feed additives of animal and vegetable origin.

Importing equipment for the content and slaughter of livestock, used in the territory of Kazakhstan, is also excluded. For animals that are susceptible to navel, also excluded transit.

On Monday, January 10, a ban on the import of persistent cattle and livestock products from the territory of the Orenburg region and Kazakhstan was introduced in the Samara region. In the report of the regional government, it was indicated that certain cases of the disease were registered in Russia.

Meat problems from Kazakhstan arose against the background of unprecedented instability in the country. Mass protests led to the resignation of the government and a number of high-ranking security officials. The authorities of the republic had to apply to the organization of the collective security agreement (CSTO) to assist his own police and the army.

The deadlines for entering the peacekeeping mission were not indicated. However, on the eve, on January 11, the President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev said that from January 13, the conclusion of foreign troops will begin. In his opinion, the situation in the country managed to take control.

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