Issue Lazarus 2.2.0, Development Environment for FreePascal

After three years of development Published Release of the integrated development environment Lazarus 2.2 , based on the compiler FreePascal and performing tasks similar to Delphi . The environment is designed to work with the release of the FreePascal 3.2.2 compiler. Ready installation packages with Lazarus Prepared for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Among changes in a new release:

  • In the QT5 widget set, complete OpenGL support is implemented.
  • Added buttons for folding fixed panels.
    Improved HighDPI support. Added panel modes based on multi-line tabs (“Multiline Tabs”) and non-plated windows (“Floating Windows On Top”).
  • The composition includes a new Spotter addition to search for commands IDE.
  • Added packagedformeditor package with new shape editor, replaced by sparta_dockedformeditor.
  • improved support for JEDI format and added support for most of the modern Object Pascal syntax.
  • In the CodeTools Toolkit added support for anonymous functions.
  • implemented an optional start page on which you can select the type of project being created.
  • Improved interfaces of objects and projects.
  • The hotkeys for replacement, duplication, copying and moving rows and dedicated areas are added to the code editor.
  • extensions for files with translations are changed from .po .pot.
  • Default for new installations in Windows and Linux is now included Lazdebugger-FP debugger (Fpdebug) 1.0.
  • Freatepe font drawing components transferred to a separate package “Components / Freetype / Freetypelaz.lpk”
  • Remote Paswstr component due to the presence of code collected only in the old Vrachi FreePascal.
  • Optimized registration of internal components and their binding to widgets via call TLClComponent.newinstance.
  • updated lib Qt5PAS library and improved support for QT5 database. Added QlClopengLwidget, providing full OpenGL support.
  • Improved the accuracy of the size of the sizes of forms on X11, Windows and MacOS systems.
  • Advanced Features or Changed Behavior Tachart, TspinedextEX, TFLoATSPINEDIEX, TLAZINTFIMAGE,
    TValuelisteditor, TshelltreeView, TmasKedit, TGroupbox, Tradiogroup, Tcheckgroup, TFrame, TlistBox and TshellListView.
  • Added calls to temporarily change the BegintemPCursor / Endtempcursor cursor, beginwaitcursor / endwaitcursor and beginscreencursor / endscreencursor, which can be used without direct cursor installation via screen.cursor.
  • Added a mechanism to disable the processing of sets of masks (termination of the interpretation ‘[‘ as the beginning of the set in the mask), activated via the modisablesets setting. For example, “MatchesMask (‘[x]’, ‘[x]’, [modisablesets])” in the new mode will return true.

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