Placement under electronic bracelet of Balkany revoked by justice after many “incidents”

Sentened for Tax Fraud in 2020, Patrick and Isabelle Balkany appealed this decision.

Le Monde with AFP

The decision was made following “a hundred ringing incidents”. The placement under the Balkany couple’s electronic bracelet in order to purge their conviction for tax evasion was revoked in December, learned the France-Presse agency, Monday, January 3, to the Evreux Proseer, confirming Mediapart information.

The magistrate, Dominique Puechmaille, said Patrick and Isabelle Balkany had appealed, without specifying when he would be examined. Contacted by the investigative media, Isabelle Balkany’s lawyer, Pierre-Olivier on, on his side asserted that “the parquet was considered that the call was suspensive”. Reason for which the couple has not been incarcerated, which the revocation of the placement under electronic bracelet causes theoretically.

According to Mediapart, the placement under the electronic bracelet of Isabelle and Patrick Balkany was revoked on December 17, at a hearing of the Tribunal of Enforcement of Evreux, following a hundred incidents. The Balkany husbands are attached to this jurisdiction because of their residence in their ownership of Giverny (Eure), about forty kilometers from Evreux.

Condemnation for tax evasion

“This decision is a shot of seonce, he considers. There have been a hundred incidents of ringtone, and a little casual … they do not have the right to get out of the house, but When the dog comes out, they run after, when the factor passes, they go to the portal. “” At the time of the hearing, the device has finally been settled so that there are no more incidents, “added the lawyer.

The couple was ordered on appeal in March 2020 to three years in prison for tax evasion. Following this condemnation on appeal, Patrick and Isabelle Balkany, aged 73 and 74, respectively, were removed from their elective mandates. They were then mayor and first Levallois-Perret assistant (Hauts-de-Seine).

In application of these sentences, they had been placed at the beginning of 2021 under the electronic bracelet in their property of the Cossy mill in Giverny, with exit schedules. Incarcerated at the end of 2019 at the health prison in this case, Patrick Balkany had been released five months later for medical reasons.

In February 2021, it was tripled indicted in another survey of suspicion of fraudulent use of premises belonging to the city of Levallois.

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