One of main Portuguese press groups victim of a computer attack

The operation was claimed by a group of pirates, Lapus $, already responsible for several offensives, including against the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Le Monde

The Portuguese Press Group Impresa, which includes Espresso, one of the country’s leading newspapers, as well as the CIS TV group, has been a victim of a cyberattack on Sunday, January 2nd.

Pirates have changed the home pages of several group’s websites, especially those of espresso and Sic, who still remained inaccessible Monday in the morning. They also diverted the Espresso Twitter account and sent an e-mail on behalf of the writing of the weekly announcing (wrongly) that the President of the Republic had been charged with murder.

in a publication on facebook , one of the only digital channels currently at the disposal of writing journalists, espresso denounced Sunday “an unprecedented attack against the freedom of the press in Portugal in the digital era”. The Impresa Group also announced that it would file a complaint and collaborated with the authorities, especially the police and the National Cybersecurity Center.

A group already responsible for several attacks in the past

The attack has been claimed by the $ group $. In the message displayed on pirated websites, the hackers claimed to have recovered large amounts of data and threatened to disclose them if a ransom was not paid. This procedure evokes an attack by revival, malicious software that paralyzes computer systems, authors demanding a ransom to unlock them.

The $ group $, which is expressed in Portuguese – a rarity in the middle – had already claimed the hacking of several sites belonging to the Ministry of Health Brazilian as well as an attack against the Brazilian National Postal Service , in December. On his Telegram account, he also stated to be responsible for attacks on a Brazilian telephone operator and against several government sites in the country.

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