Biden wanted to roll another anti-imaging practice of TRAMP

US President Joe Bayden asked the Supreme Court to ban the program of protection of migrants, which is also known as “stay in Mexico” (Remain in Mexico). This is reported by CNN.

This anti-imaging practice appeared during the time of the ex-president of Donald Trump, under the end of his rule. The requirements of this program concern migrants from Mexico of Nemeksican origin. According to its requirements, migrants should live in refugee camps along the American-Mexican border, expecting the US Migration Court to give them permission to enter.

In the administration, Bayden believes that this practice is contrary to human rights, since people in refugee camps live in improper and even dangerous conditions. At the same time, the program already wanted to minimize earlier, but the US Court of Appeal decided to preserve it.

On October 29, it became known that the Administration of Byyden conceived to pay compensation by crossing the southern border of the United States to migrants whose families were separated as a result of Trump’s policies. It is expected that every member of the injured family can pay up to 450 thousand dollars based on circumstances.

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