More than 200,000 contaminations at COVID-19 in twenty-four hours in France, according to Olivier Véran

Audition by the Commission of the laws of the National Assembly, Wednesday, the Minister of Health has described the rise in “tidal reset” contamination of worrying for the hospital system.

Le Monde

At least 208,000 COVID-19 cases were detected in France in twenty-four hours, announced the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, Wednesday, December 29, based on Public Health figures France. Tuesday evening, the Institute announced nearly 180,000 COVID-19 cases in 24 hours, a level never reached since the beginning of the Epidemic due to SARS-COV-2.

“We face two enemies”, commented Mr. Véran: The Variant Delta, always present in France, as well as the Omicron varian, whose share increases rapidly among contaminated patients in the territory. “Given the numbers we have been recording for a few days in our country, I would tend to talk about Raz-de-traise,” continued the minister, auditioned by the National Assembly laws Committee on Wednesday afternoon, On the occasion of the opening of the review of the bill reinforcing the management tools for the health crisis.

“Figures that give dizzy”

“These are numbers that give vertigo (…) There are everywhere, in all territories, everywhere in the middle, and the virus circulates very quickly,” he also said. Citing the situation in England, or the evolution of the epidemic wave is early than eight to ten days on the situation in France, Mr. Véran said, following an informal exchange with other ministers of health, than “There would be a 50% to 70% drop in hospitalizations with Omicron varian”. “But if you have six or seven times more cases, the health impact, anyway, is felt,” he immediately clarified, by noting that the Omicron varian is, on December 29, still little. in hospitalized patients in France.

The Minister of Health then repeated the government’s strategy, focused on massive vaccination, to curb the rise in the number of contaminations. “The vaccine is effective after three doses: when one is up to date of its reminder, more than 90% reduction in serious shapes, including Omicron,” said Olivier Véran, before contacting 5.4 people No vaccinated in France: “I say it to people who are not vaccinated, there is really little chance that you can pass, this time, between the drops”.

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