Mexico: Supreme Court orders maintenance of referendum on revocation of presidential term

The National Electoral Institute had decided on Friday to suspend the preparations for the popular consultation, wanted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, invoking the lack of budget.

Le Monde

It’s a victory for the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (says “Amlo”). Wednesday, December 22, the Supreme Court ordered the National Electoral Institute (INE) to maintain the referendum that the President wishes to organize on his retention.

The Supreme Court has contrained the body in charge of elections, which had decided on Friday to suspend the preparations for the popular consultation by invoking the lack of budget, Amlo’s great anger. “These are dilatory tactics,” had denounced the head of state, partisan of referendums and participatory democracy. He had lamented the “situation so lamentable of an electoral organ that should promote democracy, and who decided to hinder him”.

“Right to decide” to revoke or not the mandate of the President

The Supreme Court considers that the decision of the electoral authority “endangers the appropriate exercise of citizens’ law to decide whether or not to revoke the term” of the current president. She had been seized by the Chamber of Deputies after the decision of the INE to suspend the preparations for the consultation scheduled for 10 April.

Very popular in opinion surveys after three years in power, President Lopez Obrador wants a popular consultation on his maintenance or not at the head of the State until the end of his six-year single mandate in 2024.

In terms of the law to organize this referendum, citizens may request a consultation for the dismissal of the presidential term, provided the signatures of at least 3% of registered voters in at least ten -Sept Mexican states.

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