EU will change rules for crossing their borders

The European Union (EU) will soon change the rules for the intersection of its borders due to the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Health Care Challen Kiriakides, La Razon reports.

According to the European Commissioner, the rules of crossing borders will be changed in the coming days. At the moment it is not known what changes are we talking about. “Winter will be very hard. In December and January there will be a big load on hospitals,” she concluded.

Kiriakides stressed that countries in which less than 80 percent of citizens vaccinated, will have to tighten the restrictions to combat the spread of COVID-19. She recalled about the need to vaccinate and noted that each country can take decisive measures against the background of increasing growth.

Earlier, director of the European Bureau of the World Health Organization (WHO) Hans Klagan predicted the death of half a million people in Europe because of COVID-19. According to him, the next wave of coronavirus in the European Region is observed due to the approach of cold weather, low vaccination indicators in a number of countries and the emergence of more infectious strains. The head of the Bureau called on to start a legislative and public discussion on the issue of mandatory vaccination.

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