Presidential election: No, government does not have to announce generalization of electronic voting

A shared video clip on Twitter and relayed by Florian Philippot suggests that the government wants to set up electronic voting, five months of the election. This is actually a mounting.


there already seeing an “fraud alert” for the presidential election in France, the president of the Patriots, Florian Philippot, has eager, on Monday, November 22, to relay on Twitter a video in which the door -PAROLE OF THE GOVERNMENT evokes the establishment of electronic voting. In this short extracted from thirty-five seconds presented as from BFM-TV, Gabriel Attal defends the “commitment to allow an electronic vote to the French who wish”.

“Worse than the vote by correspondence, it will allow massive, unverifiable fraud. All parties must oppose it”, writes the author of the Initial tweet cited by Mr. Philippot.

Fraud Alert! Announcement by Attal spokesman of the government of the “electronic vote”! Due to COVID of course … (@florian philippot)

Why is wrong

The BFM-TV headband “Covid: Christmas threatened by the fifth wave?” Lets indeed suggest that this speech is recent, but it is actually a montage. If we find this headband In this excerpt from November 17th of a press conference of Mr. Atstal broadcast on the information chain, his point is completely different: he talks about the health situation and vaccination. In the excerpt relayed by Mr Philippot, this BFM-TV headband of 17 November was added to an excerpt from another press conference from the Government spokesman of February 17th.

The video in question is Always online On the Elysee’s Facebook account (at 29 e minute). At the time, an RTL journalist asked if “the establishment of an anticipated and electronic vote at the next presidential election” is a “serious track” while a government amendment has been filed in the Senate. Gabriel Attal answers him while it was a promise of the Macron candidate in 2017, a commitment, according to him, reinforced by the health crisis, while stating that this amendment must still be discussed in Parliament.

This amendment, deposited by surprise by the government had also provoked the anger of the opposition. It provided that voters could “at their request” vote in an anticipated way on machines in open offices for this purpose. But the amendment had finally been rejected by senators .

On Twitter, Mr. Attal reacted on Monday to the content shared by the Grand East Regional Advisor of the extreme right and presidential candidate by denouncing an “unacceptable manipulation”.

@f_philippot This type of manipulation is unacceptable. The campaign does not seem to have started for some …

– Gabrielattal (@Gabriel Attal)

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