Libya: a French company accused of having sold an electronic monitoring system at Marshal Haftar

The investigators of the Central Office against Crimes against Humanity, Genocides and War Crimes (OCLCH) discovered, in June, that the French company Nexa Technologies had illegally sold surveillance equipment Pointe at Marshal Hatar, leader of the Libyan national army, reveals Liberation

Nexa Technologies is suspected of selling to the forces of the Marshal a system called “Alpha Max” to intercept phone calls in a specific geographical area, through its subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates. However, such a sale is illegal: Libya has since been in an embargo for existing arms and monitoring systems. According to the release information, the leaders of Nexa Technologies have affirmed to the investigators that the sale has been concluded, but that the material has never reached Libya – it would have remained blocked in Dubai.

” Complicity in Torture Acts “

Nexa Technologies and its previous version, Amesys (until in the years 2010) are already at the heart of several procedures for sales of telephone monitoring tools or on the Internet at the Libya of Muammar Gaddafi and Egypt from Marshal Al-Sissi. These tools were directly used by these plans to repress their opponents, affirm several NGOs that complained against the company. Since last June, a procedure for “complicity of acts of torture and enforced disappearances” targets the leaders of Nexa Technologies for the sale of its tools to Egypt and a former leader of Amesys is indicted for “complicity of Torture “for its Sales of Materials to the Libya of Gaddafi.

Marshal Haftar, at the head of a military offensive on Tripoli in 2019 and 2020, finally gave up to conquer the country by force since its bastion in the East. He announced in mid-November his candidacy for the presidential election scheduled for December 24th. Suspected of abuses and subject to complaints, including in France, the Marshal has benefited in recent years from the discreet support of Paris – early 2020, he had been received at the Elysee, during a meeting that was not figured Not on the official agenda.

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