Head of Ministry of Labor appreciated growth rates of wages in Russia

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Russia Anton Kotyakov appreciated the growth rate of salaries in the country. An excerpt from his speech is published on the “Vesti” page in Vkontakte.

“The actual growth rate of wages in the economy is somewhat higher. It exceeds 9 percent, 9.3. Accordingly, we clearly understand that we have a gap in the framework of the payroll in the budget sector and economic,” said Khatyakov.

Earlier it was reported that in 2021, almost 90 percent of the owners of small enterprises and private entrepreneurs in Russia faced with rising prices for goods, services and raw materials. 28 percent of the survey participants of Raiffeisenbank noted that the increase in prices changed the salary expectations of employees – hiring people to work was harder. One of the problems of businessmen indicated the growth of expenditures for transportation and delivery – 38 percent of respondents declared.

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