Main symptoms of COVID-19 at vaccinated

Two main symptoms of COVID-19 infection are named, which cannot be ignored by vaccinated. Reports about it Express.

Relying on the data of millions of users of the Zoe COVID application, which monitors the frequency of manifestation of signs of infection, two symptoms are highlighted to pay attention to the grafts. The first one is cough, and the second is sneezing.

When one or two signs appear one or two, it is necessary to stay at home and take a test for coronavirus. It is these symptoms that ensure the transfer of the virus from one person to another, the poet of their ignoring is fraught with the spread of the disease.

Earlier it was reported that the scientists of the University of Beijing predicted the “colossal outbreak” of the incidence of COVID-19 in China, subject to restrictions. According to the results of the study, if China follows a policy adopted in the United States, the daily increase in the disease will be 637,555 people.

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