Riga International Airport has suspended flights due to military drones

Riga International Airport on November 25 suspended flights due to messages about the appearance of drone near the air harbor. Airplanes on the rise and landing were detained for half an hour, the civil aviation agency reports.

On the appearance of Drones, the dispatcher was reported by one of the pilots of the passenger liner. The dispatcher, following the instructions, suspended flights at the airport and notified the police taking place. As a result, three flights had to hold the landing in Riga, and four could not fly on time to their destinations.

According to radars, unidentified aircraft appeared three kilometers from the airport zone. According to the Telegram channel “Sputnik near abroad”, the drones were military and belonged to the army of Latvia. However, judging by the well-known information, delay drones or find out their origin has not yet succeeded.

Civil Aviation Agency has opened an administrative offense case. People who influenced the smoothness of the work of the transport, threatens the punishment in the form of a fine of up to a thousand euros, and if a legal entity is a legal entity – up to two and a half thousand euros. In addition, the misconduct can be qualified and within the framework of the Latvian Criminal Code, and there is potential criminals threatening imprisonment.

previously under Riga began international NATO military exercises, which will last until December 4. The exercises take part European command of the Alliance.

/Media reports.