From Mesa deleted code of classic drivers that do not use Gallium3D

From the code base of Mesa Removed All classic OpenGL drivers and terminated infrastructure support for their work. Accompanying the code of old drivers will continue in a separate branch “Amber”, but in the main composition of Mesa data drivers will no longer log. Also, the classic XLIB classical library is deleted, instead of which is recommended to use the option Gallium-XLIB.

Change affects all the remaining drivers that did not use the Gallium3D interface, including drivers i915 and i965 for GPU Intel, R100 and R200 for gpu amd and Nouveau for GPU NVIDIA. Instead of specified drivers, it is recommended to use drivers based on the Gallium3D architecture, such as Iris and Crocus for GPU Intel, Radeonsi and R600 for AMD, NVC0 and NV50 cards for NVIDIA cards. The removal of old drivers will terminate the GPU Intel support from architecture to Broadwell (GEN9), AMD RADEON R100 and R200 and old NVIDIA cards.

Gallium3D Simplifies the development of MESA drivers and allows you to get rid of the code to the classic drivers. In the Gallium3D memory management tasks and interaction with the GPU are assigned to the direction of individual DRM and DRIT (Direct Rendering Interface) and DRI2 (Direct Rendering Interface), and for drivers, a ready-made tracker of states with support for the reused cache is provided. Classic drivers require maintaining their backdard and status tracker for each hardware platform, but they are not tied to the Linux kernel DRI modules, which allows them to be used in such as SOLARIS.

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