At Art Basel Miami Beach, Half-hinge reunion

The most important contemporary art appointment of the American continent has taken over its floridian neighborhoods with a very good resistance edition, despite amputated attendance due to sanitary risks.


“Welcome Back!”, exclaimed, Tuesday, November 30, Dan Gelber, the mayor of Miami Beach, this district island that owes both Art Basel, the engine of renewal and the radiation of the city for nearly twenty years, opening VIP days. After the 2020 white year and its online editions, the time was thus to the reunion with regard to the most important fair of the American continent, with more than 250 galleries from thirty-six countries. Floridian relaxation requires, many of these collectors were surprising the aisles of the Convention Center in Bermuda, sunglasses folded on the collar. After Art Basel Hong Kong, at the end of May, and Basel, at the end of September, Art Basel Miami Beach traditionally fenced the year, allowing to do business in a festive and tropical atmosphere.

On the booth of the French Gallery Chantal Crousel, which is the selection committee, Niklas Svennung did not hide his pleasure to find his American network: “These are links that missed us, intellectually, because the fair offer. Another point of view that since Europe, it allows to question themselves, and to give ideas for future representations. “Among the artists hanging on the stand is the Mexican Abraham Cruzvillegas, including an Indian garden with plants Indigenous, titled Agua Dulce (“Freshwater”) has been planted in a perennial way in front of the Bass Museum, in the city center. “We went on the appetite of Americans after two years of scarf. The financial circles have largely fructified and could not travel. There is also an excitement on the market with the success of the sales of the Macklowe collections at Sotheby’s and Cox at Christie’s A few days ago “, summed up, enthusiastic, the London Gallerist Olivier malfaulting at the opening.

FXANT, ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH? This tenacious reputation would seem to fade. The palm of a certain “Miami touch” still returns to a venerable German house, the Thomas Gallery of Munich, specialized in German Expressionism and Modernism, which has concocted a stand at the rugged front. On a sea background, a trio aguity: a brancusi bird – $ 8.25 million for a “late flight”, Ironizes another exhibitor, referring to the fact that it is a posthumous font – was Framed a Picasso (posted at 16.5 million), and a Banksy, a wooden stencil of a girl tightening a television in his arms on wood (offered at 3.85 million).

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