Death of 55 clandestines plunges Mexico into fright

The accident, in the state of Chiapas, a truck in which more than 150 people illustrates the tightening of the country’s migration policy, faced with a massive influx and difficult to control migrants.


Bodies aligned on the bitumen, wrapped in lissers, next to a truck lying on the road. The shock image was a loop, Friday, December 10, in the national media in the aftermath of one of the worst dramas of illegal emigration in Mexico. The tragedy throws a raw light on the perverse effects of the president’s “schizophrenic” migration policy, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“Amlo”), between humanistic speech and repressive measures.

At least 55 clandestines, including a 16-year-old minor, died on Thursday, in the state of Chiapas (South), border with Guatemala. The accident also did 104 wounded, according to the last assessment of the authorities. More than 150 migrants, most guatemalan, were piled up in the trailer of a truck. The driver, excessively, lost control of his vehicle withdrawing the pillar of a cement bridge. The cabin has detached. Forty-nine clandestines died on the spot, six others in the hospital. Some were ejected by the violence of the shock. Others are deceased stifled or crushed, according to the authorities. The driver, he fled.

Migrants had illegally crossed the border “for several days with the help of traffickers of people”, said Friday, a representative of the authorities of the Chiapas, gateway to a historic flow of clandestines from the ‘Central America. This year, 228,000 undocumented migrants were arrested by the Mexican authorities, of which 82,627 were expelled in their countries of origin, Honduras and Salvador in mind. PIS, 1.3 million migrants were arrested between January and September by US migratory services. At the request of Washington, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, has strengthened, since April, their military system to try to block migrants upstream. There are 28,000 national soldiers and guards deployed to the south and north of Mexico.

 A woman of Guatemala, who survived the accident in Mexico , is neat by the Mexican Red Cross, in Tuxtla Gutierrez, December 10, 2021.

A disappointed hope

“The tragedy is the consequence of the hardening (…) of a militarized, repressive and violent migration policy, which obliges migrants to borrow more and more dangerous roads,” have denounced, just after the drama, 53 organizations Defense of migrants. According to the press, the rates of smugglers explode, from $ 3,000 (2,650 euros) to more than $ 13,000 (€ 11,500) from Central America. Truck transport is one of the most common methods by clandestine traffickers, often related to organized crime.

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