Emma Coronel, woman of “El Chapo” Guzman sentenced to three years in prison

She admitted her participation in the traffic of the powerful Sinaloa cartel, but the justice felt that she was very young when she married “El Chapo” and that she had cooperated with the authorities after her arrest in February .

Le Monde with AFP

The US Department of Justice had claimed four years in prison against Emma Coronel Aispura. The ex-beauty queen, influencer, apprentice designer and wife of the Mexican narcothafticker Joaquin Guzman alias “El Chapo”, who pleaded guilty of participation in the traffic of the powerful Cartel of Sinaloa A, finally, Summer condemned , Tuesday, November 30, by Rudolph Contreras, US federal judge at three years in prison.

The magistrate claimed that the 32-year-old American-Mexican today was very young when she married “El Chapo” and had cooperated with the authorities after his arrest in February. The young woman, in a dark pants tailor, the face partly hidden by a black mask, did not react to the pronouncement of the sentence.

Emma Coronel had pleaded guilty in June of three charges: participation in drug trafficking, money laundering of monetary instruments and transactions with a foreign narcothaftifice. In addition to forty-eight months of detention, the Prosecutors’ team requested on November 18 that it is sentenced to five years of supervised freedom and the payment of $ 1.5 million.

No protected control status

His lawyer, Mariel Colon, had denied that his client cooperated with prosecutors to see his pain reduced. She also denied that she would benefit from protected witness status. “His daughters are in Mexico and we know what happens to those who cooperate and their families,” she explained to univision television, with reference to the reprisals of cartels.

Emma Coronel was accused of having served “intermediate” between “El Chapo” and his associates and participated in the direction of the Sinaloa Cartel – one of the most powerful in the world – once “EL Chapo “imprisoned in Mexico.

Emma Coronel Aispuro married Joaquin Guzman, 32 years old her elder, in 2007 and had binoculars with him. Between his marriage and his arrest in February, she benefited “in many ways” and “knowingly” profits from her husband’s traffic, according to the Prosecution.

According to the latter, she admitted to having had knowledge of the importation in the United States of at least 450 kg of cocaine, 90 kg of heroin, 45 kg of methamphetamine and 90 tons of marijuana. It also has, according to prosecutors, helped “El Chapo” to escape in 2015 from a Mexican prison.

The narcothaftifice was then escaped by a tunnel of one kilometer and a half, hidden under the shower of its cell and equipped with rails, inflicting a camouflet scathing to the Mexican authorities. But the prosecutors note that she did not have a judicial history before her arrest and “quickly accepted his responsibilities”.

Joaquin Guzman had been considered the most powerful narcothafficker in the world until his arrest in 2016 and extradition in the United States in 2017. Condemned in July 2019 to life imprisonment after a high-security trial in New York, he purges his sentence in a high security prison of Colorado but appealed. Emma Coronel Aispuro had assisted almost daily at the trial of her husband.

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