Central Bank proposed to create a special bank deposit for poor

Central Bank offered to create a new bank deposit for Russia. As I found out “Izvestia”, we are talking about a product for people with a small income.

Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Polyakova explained that the amount of such a contribution should be limited, and the interest rate is tied to either a key or inflation rate. At the same time, the condition is that every low-income Russian will be able to open only one such contribution.

In the regulator indicated that similar banking products exist in a number of European countries, interest rates on them above market, and banks cannot change them independently. Payable interest on such contributions is partially or fully exempted from taxes.

Head of the Center for Revenue Analysis and Hedgehogs HSE Alina Pishnyak noted that there are no savings in the poor, all funds are sent to current consumption. In this regard, she suggested, such a contribution will not be popular.

Previously, the Central Bank of Russia reported on a record value of the level of debt burden among Russian citizens. The ratio of expenses for payments for loans and disposable income of the population reached 10.24 percent.

November 27 in Russia revised the approach to the calculation of the level of poverty in the country. The corresponding ruling appeared on the official Internet portal of legal information. It comes into force on the day of publication and applies to legal relations arising from January 2021. The decision suggested introducing a new concept in the country – “the border of poverty.” The border of poverty will complement the already existing subsistence minimum (PM). The new indicator is assumed to calculate by multiplying the previous value of PM for the quarter for general inflation for the corresponding period.

Financial analyst and Associate Professor of Economic Sciences Rowhigs Nikolai Kulbak in conversation with “Tape.ru” positively appreciated the innovation, noting that, “it seems that the state is growing understanding that poverty is one of the most serious problems, and with it something to do. Apparently, this is really some shift for the better, at least, it is clear that the state is trying in some way if it is not to solve this problem, then think about its decision, “commented the Kulbak initiative

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