Autonomy of Guadeloupe: stakes of a necessary debate

The Minister of Overseas, who goes to the West Indies on Sunday, mentioned this issue Friday night when he tried to provide answers to the crisis open by the refusal of the vaccination obligation for caregivers or Firefighters.


Prompts to be removed from the executive at the approach of the presidential deadline, the declared or putative candidates of the right and the far right were eager to trigger a controversy from the speech delivered Friday, November 26 by the Minister of Overseas, Sébastien Lecornu, at the address of the Guadeloupéens. At the end of his remarks, he said he was ready to discuss the question of “autonomy” mentioned by some elected representatives of the territory. The word has led those who have seen, for the least excessive way, a will of “letting go” overseas.

The minister, who had maintained the two previous days with the elected officials of the archipelago, tried to provide answers to the crisis open by the refusal of the immunization obligation for certain occupations, such as caregivers or Firefighters, and resistance to vaccination. It has grown, because of the violence and looting that have accompanied the establishment of dams, fueled by structural reasons than almost two years of crisis due to CVIV-19 have only made it possible to Accent, start with the mistrust of political speech, whether the state or local elected officials, and the idleness of a part of the youth.

As a first step, the state reacted safely, by sending on the spot police and gendarmerie reinforcements, among which the elite units of the RAID and GIGN. On several occasions, and again on the night of Friday 26th to Saturday, November 27, the police were the object of real bullet shots. According to our information, in the night from Thursday to Friday, a convoy of trivial gendarmerie carrying ammunition has been attacked in the lamentin, in Martinique, by about fifty armed attackers, obliging the escort to replicate by summation fire.

Structural problems remain, specific to all overseas – each with its specificities – in a permanent conflict but not always assumed between the desire for autonomy, or even independence for some, and the maintenance in the Republic. And the reality is far from being as simple as appearances. Number of elected representatives or autonomists of overseas territories accommodate their current status, when a large proportion of the right and far right electorate, in France, considers that these same territories of overseas are a cost for the Republic.

“There is no bad debate”

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