“Our leaders remained deaf to alarm cry of caregivers on degradation of public hospital”

Tribune. The waves of COVID-19 follow each other, and we hope they are not alike. Will hospitals meet the influx of patients again? The state of the institutions, where the beds close by hundreds for lack of caregivers – having, by disgust, fled the hospital that trained them – where the emergencies overflow to implosion, when they still open, does it allow it Always treat our fellow citizens, waiting for the vaccine reminder dose? The anxiety reigns, the anger rands, the media to the police relate this concern, this anger of caregivers who can no longer over the deafness of political decision-makers and the blind directoys or orders. What does this deafness hide, this blindness of our governors? Would they be at this remote point of the land where these caregivers work in the middle of the forest on fire?

They constantly repeat us, on the length of press releases, that the measures taken, especially during the health segur in 2020, will bear fruit, to wait. But wait how long when the storm is raging? The sailors know it so well, decisions must take place now, at the risk of the sinking of our so beautiful health system which, obviously, takes the water. Why so much contempt for listening to caregivers who still believe that the ship can be saved, provided that our governors can still listen to the “people of care”, workers not recognized for what they do, day and night, with patients who do not complain.

Slow destruction of public services

For the Philosopher Jean-Pierre Dupuy, the prediction of a certain catastrophe to this particular that everything must be done to avoid it, contrary to the prediction of a probable disaster, which prevents from acting. The search for profitability has led to the slow destruction of public services. The COVID accelerated what was expected and feared by some seasoned caregivers, those of the hospital defense collectives in particular. The COVID is for nothing, but the story of COVID has become the story of those and those, above ground decision-makers, who did not want to see, did not want to hear.

This blindness, this overdue, are not the words of a true state lie, unable to finally say that public hospitals are no longer a priority? That the public hospital must disappear, in favor of private for-profit structures or not? That caregivers are running out without understanding all that is given – a alms for their silence? That patients, if patients, can no longer be properly cared for because the means can not be, according to our decision-makers, granted to all. To say that, and assume it! Cynically, but in all transparency!

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