IPhone rose in secondary market

New iPhone 13 has retained a record percentage of its cost two months after entering the market. This follows from the SELLCELL smartphone service report.

Company specialists have studied the cost of new Apple smartphones that service users sold a month and two months after the release of the line. It turned out that the iPhone 13 flagship series showed a record level of depreciation. As experts explained, two months after the release of devices on sale, their cost in the secondary market decreased by only 25.5 percent relative to the original price. At the same time, some top models first fell, and then went up.

“After the first and second months, the iPhone 13 lost up to 50 percent less cost than the iPhone 12,” the authors noted, calling this dynamics by a record in the line of Apple smartphones. Exceptionally low depreciation is associated with the deficit of new flagships of the American brand.

So, a month after the release of the iPhone 13 with a 128 gigabyte drive, an estimated at $ 799, fell to $ 610, two months later – up to $ 570. The topping iPhone 13 Pro Max with one terabyte of memory, accessible for $ 1599, first fell to $ 1160, and after a month it went up to 1181 dollars.

Previously, the sources of “Kommersant” found out that in Russia a shortage of a number of popular models of Apple phones was formed. The deficit turned out to be both new and old iPhone models.

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