Covid-19 vaccine: perspective of a third dose is accurate

According to the Scientific Council and the Vaccine Strategy Guideline (COSV), the expansion of the reminder to all adults, six months after vaccination, could allow “to curb the epidemic and reduce the number of Serious shapes “.

Le Monde with AFP

The current progression of 5 e Wave of Covid-19 is “dazzling”, alerted, Sunday, Gabriel Attal, the spokesman of the government, guest on Europe 1, CNEWS and The echoes. The prospect of an anti-covid-19 vaccine recall for all adults in France seems to be closer. Friday, during a trip to the North, President Emmanuel Macron, let him already glimpse: “I would not be surprised that vaccine reminders for all adults who have been vaccinated, it’s the meaning of history “.

The Scientific Council and the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council (COSV) now writing it black on white. According to them, the expansion of the reminder to all adults, six months after vaccination, could allow “to curb the epidemic and reduce the number of serious forms”, while the cases flame and the effectiveness of vaccines against the infection drops over time.

The COSV, chaired by the Immunologist Alain Fischer, is the first to have said, in a notice dated Friday. In another opinion dated Saturday and made public Monday, the Scientific Council, chaired by Infectiologist Jean-François Delfféy, supports this hypothesis.

The recall dose – most often a third dose concerns, for the moment, only more than 65 years and people at risk of serious forms, as well as caregivers. This dose will be needed to extend their sanitary pass, and this mechanism will be engaged in principle from December 15th.

Reminder for 50-64 years, then from 40 years

It could even go faster: Monday, during the day of the Order of Pharmacists in Paris, Jean-François Delfféy revealed that the Scientific Council had “pushed” so that the case “from the middle of the next week “. This should be “announced after tomorrow”, Wednesday, in the Council of Ministers, he said.

For the age group below, the 50-64 year old, the recall will be proposed from 1 December. Emmanuel Macron announced it on November 9, without waiting for the opinion of the High Authority of Health (HAS), responsible for inspiring the executive policy on these issues. The Scientific Council pleads that the reminder becomes necessary to extend the 50-64 year old sanitary pass, “according to the same terms” and for more than 65 years, “but with a suitable temporality”. And the has recommended on Friday to inject the booster dose from 40 years old. “The expansion of the recall at the age of 50 will be studied soon,” had tweeted the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran.

The systematic reminder for all, already decided by Germany, is not consensus among scientists. Some argue that two doses remain very effective against serious forms and that the urgency is to vaccinate those who have had no doses. In France, this concerns some six million people among the eligible population (over 12 years old).

But for the Scientific Council, the time press, because this fifth wave can have “a significant impact” on the hospital, predicted, Monday, the p r delfrison. “We think about up to 1,000-100 admissions to the hospital per day”, but it will be “much more limited” than during the third wave (up to 2,500 per day), he continued.

Continuous rise in case numbers

On average calculated over seven days (which gives a more faithful view), the number of daily cases has almost doubled in one week: it is now more than 18,000, against 10,000 a week ago. It remains to be seen whether this outbreak of infections will result in a massive influx to the hospital. For now, that is not the case, what the authorities attribute to vaccination. Some 8,000 COVID patients are hospitalized in France, including 1,300 in critical care services, compared with respectively 6,500 and 1,000 a month ago.

But to limit the damage, “the vaccine will not suffice”, according to the p r Delfréy. The scientific council therefore advocates “reintroducing the port of the mask in some places” and strengthen teleworking, not to mention the ventilation of the closed places. “The goal will do everything so as not to go to a new confinement”, because “it’s no longer tantable,” according to the DELFRESSY p

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