Laboratories for production of Russian vaccine struck Ministry of Health of Israel

The participants of the delegation of Israel were amazed by the level of Russian laboratories for the production of vaccinations against Coronavirus and the State Service portal system, the Minister of Tourism of the country yoel delivers, write “Izvestia”.

Discovers, the main national coordinator against Coronavirus Salmon Zarka and the head of the Department of Control Behind the Labs in the Ministry of Health of Israel Ruti Ishay are visiting Moscow. According to the Minister of Tourism, they received all the necessary information to make a decision on recognition in the country of the Russian vaccine “Satellite V”.

“impressed with the level of laboratories, and the level of information transfer to the” state services “. Now the last word behind them, that is, for our Ministry of Health,” he stressed and added that it was optimistic.

Israel should open for Russian tourists on December 1. Only those who received the second dose of the “satellite V” will be able to get into the country no more than six months ago.

/Media reports.