Factory acceptance tests of KE SUZ for power unit №3 Kudankulam NPP

At the site of the Scientific and Production Corporation “Space systems of monitoring, information and control and electromechanical complexes” named after A.G. Josephian (VNIIEM Corporation, agencies in the state corporation “Roskosmos”) were successfully carried out by factory acceptance tests of the electrical equipment of the management and protection system (CE SOZ), manufactured for power unit No. 3 Kudankulam (Republic India).

Tests were conducted with the participation of Indian specialists. The purpose of the test is to check the fulfillment by a complex of all functions provided for by technical documentation.

At the same time, the tests were audited by the documentation and equipment provided for by the requirements of the Indian regulatory framework in the field of use of atomic energy, the purpose of which is to confirm the fulfillment of the requirements of the Indian National Regulator. In accordance with the procedure, the audit is carried out by the specialists of the Indian exploiting organization and representatives of the Indian Commission on Independent Verification and Validation. According to the results of the audit, the Indian regulator was provided with a report on the compliance with the requirements.

It should be noted that current Indian requirements in the field of use of atomic energy are strictly international. The main differences include strict cybersecurity requirements, special requirements for devices containing FPGA. Also pays great attention to purchased component products containing embedded software (for example, uninterruptible power sources, managed switches).

VNIIEM KE Suz for Kudankulam NPPs is the first complex of Russian production that performs the safety functions, which was carried out by such a volume of inspections from the Inspazer. According to the results of factory acceptance tests and the audit, the correspondence of the KE SUZ for block No. 3 of the Kudankulam NPP was confirmed by the requirements of the Indian regulator. Acceptance inspection of the complex is scheduled for mid-December 2021.

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