Biden pardoned turkey jelly and peanut butter

US President Joe Biden pardoned Indek jelly and peanut butter on the eve of thanksgiving in the country. This is reported by CNN.

The ceremony of “pardon” passed in the pink garden of the White House. During her, Biden for the first time as the head of state in the comic manner “pardon” indek. It is noted that the president saved animals from the fact that they prepared dinner for him during the holidays. After the pardon of Indiana from Indiana will send back to the native state on the research farm.

Previously, American celebrities asked for president of the United States to donate pardoned people on Thanksgiving. The Petition with a call was signed by the singer Billy Alish, Actor Joaquin Phoenix, British comedian Ricky Jerview, actress Rooney Mara and Mina Suvary. Representatives of the Farm Sanctuary organization, noted that the injecteks are usually pardoned by the leader of the White House of the White House of and preferences.

Last year at that time, the current president of the United States Donald Trump “Pardon” a couple of Indekes on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. The pardon ceremony of two birds, which were called corn and the pillage, also passed in the pink garden of the White House. It was attended by a married couple and their children.

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