Leading to premature birth symptoms

Neonatologist, chief physician of the Morozovsky Children’s City Clinical Hospital Valery Gorez called RIA Novosti symptoms that can lead to premature birth.

“Any acute and non-standard situation that occurs in a pregnant woman – this is a reason to consult a doctor. We all know well that pregnant women periodically experience discomfort, but there should be no sharp pain. If there is no discrepancies, if you have a discrepan At the bottom of the belly – this is the reason to come to the doctor, “said Medic.

He also added that the specialist should be treated in case the child suddenly became too active or, on the contrary, when the activity decreased greatly. It is also worth paying attention to the exacerbation during pregnancy in a woman of chronic diseases, the presence of which she is known. It can be unstable pressure, headaches or dizziness.

Gorez stressed that doctors help to deal with the problem when applying for pregnant women. In case of premature birth, below 32 weeks, doctors have technologies that have a pregnancy for 48 hours. This gives time to prepare for childbirth and reduces the risk of possible negative consequences for mother and baby.

Earlier by the doctor of the highest category, the obstetrician, the gynecologist-endocrinologist Elena Bureznin warned about the consequences of coronavirus in pregnant women. As the pregnant woman explained, a sick pregnant woman cannot convey the fetus virus. But at the same time, the likelihood that the child can get infected after birth, so it is forced to insulate from the pretty mother.

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