Protesters farmers forced prime minister of India to cancel new laws

In India, controversial legislation will cancel, against which the actions of farmers have passed in the country for more than a year. The appropriate statement was made by the Prime Minister of the country of Narendra Modi, thereby satisfying the requirements of the strikers. About the success of protest in India reports The Assosiated Press.

Modo apologized for the actions of the government and promised that new laws that changed the rules of agriculture will be canceled in the winter session of the Parliament. If the modi will fulfill the promises and the legislature will cancel the law, it will mean the complete victory of the striking in confrontation with the ruling party. The Prime Minister also asked the protesters to disperse home. However, the words of Mio show that the government has not forever postponed plans to reform agriculture.

“I apologize before the nation, I want to say with a pure heart that, perhaps, we could not make enough effort to explain our rightness to our farmers brothers. Let me begin everything from the beginning,” the Prime Minister said.

Changes in the rules of Indian agriculture Parliament of the country approved in September 2020. The new law immediately caused protests among the farmers of Punjab and Haryana, the main agricultural regions of the country. Farmers found it favorable large corporations and take revenues in small private farms. The government insisted on the need for innovations for the modernization of the agricultural sector of India.

Earlier in the Kremlin reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin was being prepared for a visit to India. The ride of the President of Russia can pass in early December. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov assured that the exact dates of the Kremlin will call later.

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